City of San Jose, Annual Report on City Services 2014-2015

Transportation Department

In 2014-15, the Transportation Department’s (DOT) operating expenditures totaled $79 million,* about 26 percent more than ten years ago. DOT had 426 authorized positions, but staffing was still 10 percent lower than 10 years ago.

* DOT was also responsible for approximately $6.4 million of Citywide expenses in 2014-15, including about $2.9 million in parking citations/jail courthouse fees, and $1.8 million for sidewalk repairs. DOT also had authority over approximately $229 million in special funding and capital improvement programs for parking and traffic.

KEY FACTS (2014-15)

Planned capital improvement spending $188 million
Streets approx. 2,431 miles
Traffic Signal Intersections 923
Streetlights 64,000
On-Street Bicycle Lanes 237 miles
Sanitary Sewers 2,294 miles
Landscape Abutments in Public Right-of-Ways 566 acres
Street Trees 268,000
Parking Lots and Garages 14
Parking Meters approx. 2600


% of San José residents who found the following “excellent” or “good”

Overall ease of getting to places they usually have to visit 48%
Ease of walking in San José 47%
Ease of car travel in San José 40%
Ease of bicycle travel in San José 40%
Ease of travel by public transportation in San José 34%
San José‘s goal is to increase substantially the proportion of commute travel using modes other than the single-occupant vehicle by 2040. For example, no more than 40 percent of commute trips should be driving alone, and transit should comprise at least 20 percent.